Where there’s health, there’s growth

Where there's health, there's growthMeet Jatan. His father was a Buddhist, his mother a Christian, forbidden from openly practicing her faith after she married. But no one could prevent her from praying for her husband and eight children.

Because of poverty, her five boys were sent to live and study at hostels. Jatan was sent to a hostel operated by Christians, where he began to hear about Jesus. When he was 18 and gravely ill, pastors and elders prayed for Jatan. Not only was he healed, he came to personal faith in Christ, greatly angering his father.

God used the same combination of illness (in this case, cancer) and prayer to draw Jatan’s father to himself. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the family chose to follow Christ.

Jatan earned an M.Div. at an lndian seminary and now pastors a local church.

He’s a member of one of Entrust’s teams of national writers, developing ministry training curriculum for specific regions of lndia. As he studies and writes, he trains others. “If we [teach] ten people, they will multiply and that will help the church’s health. We don’t focus on growth but health, because if health is there, growth is automatic.”

To see the full story with pictures, along with specific prayer requests for lndia, go to www.entrust4.org/Spotlight

Where there’s health, there’s growth

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