Multiplication of Romanian leaders continues

Students in RomaniaEntrust’s board chairman, Andy Seidel, and staff member Brian Eby, along with Brian Bittiker of Dallas Theological Seminary had a special time with two outstanding groups of Romanian students.

In Cluj-Napoca, Andy’s team worked with the EBE ministry established by Entrust and now led by Mircea Detesan. The team presented a course on elements of Pastoral Counseling, including premarital counseling and counseling those going through the grief of personal loss, as well as an approach to spiritual formation that they could apply in their churches.In Brasov, they worked with the 9th generation of Pastoral Theology students in a module intended to help prepare them for the stresses and pressures in the life of a pastor. Most of these are younger men already involved in their church ministries who hope to pastor their own churches in the future. What a blessing to see several from earlier generations of students help lead the program.

Praise God for these young pastors who continue to study and learn so they can lead in their churches!

Multiplication of Romanian leaders continues

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