Happy May Day

May DayHow are you celebrating? Maybe…

…like American children who, years ago, filled small baskets with candy and flowers, left the baskets on each other’s doorsteps, rang the doorbell and ran. If the recipient managed to catch the giver, the giver got a kiss.

…like many Europeans, dancing around brightly festooned poles in celebration of spring.

…most likely NOT like people in former communist countries who were forced to attend massive parades displaying military strength on a day theoretically dedicated to laborers and workers (see video) http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/370734/May-Day.

…hopefully NOT signaling for help from a ship in distress!

However you celebrate, we at Entrust want to wish you a month of joy and fresh beginnings in Christ.

“I am making everything new!” – Jesus, Rev. 21:5

Happy May Day

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