A microcosm of heaven

A microcosm of heavenSouth Africa, Peru, Guatemala, Austria, Russia, Philippines, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, Macedonia, lndia, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Great Britain and “a few I’m probably forgetting.”

Entrust’s Sandy Shaffer spends two mornings each week studying “Walking with Christ,” Entrust’s in-depth course on the basics of Christianity (which, coincidentally, she wrote), with people from what she calls a “microcosm of heaven.” They have three things in common: they’re women, they live in Vienna and they want to grow in Christ. After completing “Walking with Christ,” both groups plan to apply the Bible study skills they’ve learned in their next study – Philippians.

Sandy also maintains regular contact with a core group of women in Silesia – a cultural region covering parts of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. For 24 years, Sandy has mentored and encouraged these women as they in turn shepherd women in their cities and churches.

In June, Sandy and Entrust colleague Beth Van Bebber will introduce Entrust’s women’s ministries and the course “Developing a Discerning Heart” to women in Novi Sad, Serbia – where Entrust has been training men in ministry since 2013.

Based in Austria. Impacting the world. Enjoying a delightful microcosm of heaven.

A microcosm of heaven

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