A new continent, a new country—Brazil!

ColeenEntrust’s ministry partner, Barnabas’ Equipping Women International (EWI), is beginning a new training hub in the state of Goias in Brazil. EWI’s Coleen Templeton (pictured) took Entrust’s “Facilitating Relational Learning” course and immediately sensed God’s call to bring this training to Brazil. She asked EWI facilitators to train a core group of women in Brazil in English, preparing them to multiply by training potentially thousands of Brazilian women—in Portuguese and beyond.

“My vision is to train women to be disciplers in local churches and Christian organizations in Brazil,” Coleen says, “and if the Lord directs, to train women in other South American countries. From our humble first steps God may ‘run’ with this as He desires.”

Pray this week, May 25-June 3…

  • that the Spirit would empower, protect and speak clearly to the facilitators (Debbie Lamp, Coleen Templeton, Ruth Bloemsma) and participants throughout the week of training.
  • for safety, good health and smooth logistics.
  • for the women to be encouraged through fellowship with like-minded, like-hearted sisters in ministry.
  • that these women will catch God’s vision for how He wants to use this training to bring many lost people into his kingdom and disciple the church around the world.
  • Specific requests from Coleen: “Pray the ladies will be able to leave their ministries behind for the days we’re together. They’re all busy and need to be rested enough to enter fully into discussions and relational times. One is leaving a toddler at home — it will be her first time away from her baby that long. Two women will be working in a second language, always more difficult.”
A new continent, a new country—Brazil!

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