Tis the season of caps and gowns

Refugee ministry
Distributing food to refugees in Kurdistan

‘Tis the season of caps and gowns, of mortar boards and speeches. Most Entrust students don’t get to enjoy throwing a cap into the air, ever, because our education is non-formal.

No stage to walk across after you’ve completed two or three years of hands-on learning in your village in Zimbabwe or Moldova. No tassel to move from one side of your cap to the other upon finishing all four women’s ministry training courses. No reception featuring cake, punch and a few mystery relatives (or, aunts you barely know) when you’ve successfully mentored a small group in your church, studying the basics of Christianity.

Sometimes we do hold graduation ceremonies. Sometimes you’ll hear a short speech of congratulations. But mostly, as an Entrust student, you’ll just move on, ministering, serving, applying what you’ve learned, for the rest of your life.

Which is just what education really is, after all.

Tis the season of caps and gowns

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