How God led me to Serving To Equip People (STEP)

by Emily, STEP recruit

A street in the Middle EastI’ve always felt somewhat out of place in a culture telling me life is about making myself comfortable and happy. I would always question, “Why do I need a great career if it can’t make me richer in love? Why do I need a spacious home if it can’t make me more secure in my eternal home? Why do I need all the smart devices if they can’t give me lasting wisdom?”

I was at Covenant College when my eyes were opened to the world of the persecuted church, the world in which a large number of our brothers and sisters live. Regular emails from organizations like Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors and Barnabas Aid confirmed in my heart that standing aloof from the sufferings of those Christians and pursuing desires like the perfect family in the ideal neighborhood would be ignoring the call of the Holy Spirit in my life. I had no idea what I could actually do, but I knew I could pray, so I started there.

Over the next five years, God brought a string of events which led me to Entrust’s STEP initiative. I almost didn’t believe overseas ministry could really be for me because I don’t possess great leadership or evangelization skills. Jon Sperling and the STEP team have encouraged me to see that openness to being used by God is all he needs to accomplish his purposes, which are of eternal value.

I am humbled and excited to join STEP and see where God leads.

*Emily desires to serve with STEP in the Middle East. Pray for her as God prepares her for service. Pray for full funding for her one-year commitment, for receipt of all required documents, for Emily to be well-prepared for cross-cultural work, for her protection and safety. To find out more about STEP, go to To help fund Emily to serve overseas, go to and select Donations: Special Projects. In the blank field, type “Emily.”

How God led me to Serving To Equip People (STEP)

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