Visions, goals, and reality

by Laurie LindVisions, goals, and reality

“I saw a vision. Millions of Kurdish people, a river. Church leaders standing in the river, baptizing the Kurds.” Layth wrote the vision down. “Now it’s in my goals.” Christian leaders in Kurdistan often lack goals, in Layth’s opinion. He tells the men he’s discipling, “Write down everything you hear from God. Now, those are your goals.” Layth is Entrust’s coordinator in Duhok, Kurdistan.

He surrendered his life to Christ in 1996, studied at a local seminary, pastored in Jordan, took part in Entrust’s church leadership training and is now an ordained Free Methodist church planter.

In 2005, God called him to plant a church in Kurdistan. Asked if he has indeed planted a church, he replies, “No. I did not plant one church. I planted four churches – in Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, Zakho, Erbil. Each has a building, a cross, a pastor and is legally recognized.”

Layth and his wife Ilham’s rented home in Duhok doubles as a training center. Ilham leads women’s Bible studies; Layth disciples local men. “The guys have potential. I know God wants them to change Kurdistan.” Kurds baptizing millions of Kurds. It started as a vision. Now it’s a goal. Someday soon, reality? Let’s pray it may be so.

As refugees from neighboring countries and persecuted people groups from within Kurdistan pour into regional camps, Layth energetically distributes aid, often along with prayer, to displaced people. He and Entrust colleague Fuad provide supplies and the hope of Jesus to Yezidis, Kakai, Shabak, anyone in need. It’s an ongoing effort with no end in sight.

Visions, goals, and reality

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