A hub is born

Entrust training takes many shapes and forms.

A hub is bornOne shape we’re developing is that of a hub. At Entrust, a “hub” is a location where learners stay on-site to take 8-day intensive modules, where multiple modules are offered and led by two facilitators, one Entrust-certified. Learners complete 30-50 hours of homework in advance. Upon arrival, relational peer learning begins.

Our newest hub is in the Dallas area. We held a women’s and a co-ed module of Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) June 13-20 with Entrust’s Joycelyn S. coordinating. FRL is one of two modules currently available to men and women; the other is Discovery Bible Study. We offer Developing a Discerning Heart and Women Serving Women for, obviously, women, and are finalizing a new course for men, Man of Understanding.

After eight days of shared learning, the 18 Dallas participants scattered to their places of ministry across Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and and the Republic of Georgia, equipped with new ministry skills and surprised by the depths of spiritual learning they’d enjoyed as they grappled together with Scripture.

Two pastors and a layman from a Chinese church in Seattle plan to apply new concepts in training leaders in their small group ministry. “The session about asking effective questions was an eye-opener for me,” one said, realizing “how limited my previous concept of ‘questions’ was.”

Years of prayer led to this hub launch in Dallas. Now we’re thanking God. “God answered all prayers,” Joycelyn said, “and worked in ways far beyond our expectations.”

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A hub is born

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