Even Czech mates hit stale mates

unhappy couple

In a country like the Czech Republic, a godly marriage and family is like a bright light shining in one of the darkest corners of the world. God began his work of creation with a couple and he still wants to use committed couples, made in his image, to bring him honor as they serve him together.

Earlier this year, Entrust’s Jerry Farnik was invited to speak at a men’s conference in Silesia (a region of the Czech Republic). The organizer asked him to challenge 300 men on an important topic: “Your Marriage for the Next Ten Years.”

Jerry and his wife Marilyn are privileged to provide pre-marital counseling for several young couples and marriage counseling for couples encountering difficulties in their relationships. Recently, they’ve been meeting with a young couple who are working through some difficulties. They are open to biblical counsel and willing to work on their problems. They’re discovering that hurtful patterns really can be broken and replaced with new ways of communicating and living. Jerry and Marilyn are encouraged to see God give them hope.

Ask God to bless the Czech Republic and his church there with many faithful Christian families.

Even Czech mates hit stale mates

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