From a bus seat to a bold presentation

by Harvey Newton, Entrust

SanduSandu often gave up his bus seat to a woman he didn’t know on the daily trip from his village to the town where he attended college in Moldova. On the first day of the next school year, he was surprised to see that his biology teacher was the woman from the bus; she recognized Sandu, too.

Sandu answered questions on an exam in her class about the origin of life according to the naturalistic perspective presented in his textbook. Then, he added the biblical view using Bible quotations. After reading his exam, his teacher asked him to share the views he’d presented with the class. Rejoicing in his heart, he began. When students tried to object to something he said, the teacher repeatedly told them, “Wait, he is giving his views, which is what I asked him to do.”

After his presentation, she asked questions and encouraged the students to do likewise. The teacher hoped other students whom she knew to be Christians would state their understanding of the origin of life. None of them did. Sandu credited the teaching he’d received in our Entrust program, which gave him understanding and courage, with encouraging him to speak boldly in that class.

Sandu’s pastor, who is also the regional supervisor of Baptist pastors in Moldova, is confident Sandu has the gift and spiritual aptitude to become a valuable worker in the church. This is why he asked me to admit this young college student into our class, a class primarily composed of young pastors.

From a bus seat to a bold presentation

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