Running cross-country.

cross country

It’s not for the faint of heart. As a runner, a parent, a coach or a fan, you know how hard these kids (and adults) run. Charging across fields, golf courses, hills, valleys, woods … the terrain might be lovely but the athletes aren’t tourists. No time for selfies. Sure-footed, intent on a goal, often not seen by cheering fans, cross-country runners just go for it.

Entrust’s workers are kind of like that. Rather than cross-country, they’re going cross-cultural, moving into new territory where the ground isn’t always smooth, where whatever watchers may be on hand are likely not cheering. It can be lonely. It is challenging. There are obstacles.

But like those intrepid cross-country runners, they have a goal. Unlike the runners, our workers won’t get a ribbon or a trophy. But they will know they’ve pressed on, hard, to invest their lives in men and women who in turn will shepherd local churches.

It’s hard going, but oh so worth it.

As you attend meets or see people jog past your house, pray for Entrust’s cross-cultural workers.

Running cross-country.

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