In pursuit of learning and discovery

young explorerMarco Polo. Jacques Cousteau. Lewis & Clark. Sacagawea. Edmund Hillary. Ferdinand Magellan. Neil Armstrong. Christopher Columbus. Just a few of history’s well-known explorers. They took great risks. They ventured into unknown realms. Some gave their lives in pursuit of learning and discovery.

These people could’ve stayed home, continued to enjoy discovering new plant life or bugs in their back yards, new fish species in their own rivers, unusual rocks at the top of nearby hillsides. But no. Not enough for them. They went for it.

Ever feel like you’ve discovered all there is to discover in God’s word, in life with him? Guess what? There’s more. Dive into God’s word today. Venture into a new study of a seemingly-familiar passage. Ask him to show you what he needs you to learn now. You will never plumb the depths, never scale the final height, never finish uncovering new glimmering gems of eternal truth.

In pursuit of learning and discovery

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