God at work in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s been in the news more this year than maybe ever in its past – all because of that popular lion named Cecil. You know that story.

Victoria fallsZimbabwe is notable for many other reasons; it’s home to one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, it has one of Africa’s highest literacy rates and is considered to be the location of the biblical land called Ophir, King Solomon’s source of gold.

At the same time, Zimbabwe’s life expectancy rate is among the world’s lowest – 46 for men, 45 for women – due to HIV/AIDs. Poverty is rampant.

Into that milieu steps Entrust’s More than a Mile Deep (MMD), our African-designed ministry training, equipping African Christians to lead in their churches and communities, addressing poverty, HIV/AIDs, care for orphans and widows, community development and more from a biblical viewpoint.

Read this month’s edition of our eNewsletter, Engage, for stories of transformation from Zimbabwe. And pray for this beautiful but beleaguered nation.

God at work in Zimbabwe

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