THAILAND: an Entrust travelogue

Entrust is in the beginning stages of establishing a base for ministry in this area. Together with partners including Barnabas International and organizations based here, we desire to cooperatively offer our ministry training to cross-cultural workers. We also hope to launch ministry into neighboring countries and people groups.

Thai temple

CAPITAL: Bangkok

FAMOUS FOR: world-popular food including the national calling card, Pad Thai; beautiful beaches; ornate shrines and temples.

FASCINATING FACTS: Bangkok is the world’s most visited city; Bangkok’s ceremonial name is so long it can’t be Tweeted, with 169 letters; all of the country’s Olympic gold medals so far are in boxing and weightlifting; Thailand is home to the bridge made famous in the 1957 film “The Bridge over the River Kwai”; the country has 1,430 islands.

SPIRITUAL CLIMATE: 95% Buddhist, 4% Muslim

Pad thaiPRAY FOR: children forced into child labor and the sex trade; people suffering from HIV/AIDs as Thailand has the highest HIV rate in Asia; ministry to refugees from neighboring countries; Entrust staff who’ve only recently arrived as they adjust, network and seek God’s leading on ministry opportunities for Entrust as a whole in the region.

NOTE: Check this space tomorrow for a yummy recipe combining Thai flavors with a favorite fall food – pumpkin!

THAILAND: an Entrust travelogue

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