Don’t mess with ‘em

Especially after 170 years.

12 29 - cowboy-boots

It was today, Dec. 29, in 1845, that Texas became an official state, bringing the total number of United States all the way up to 28.

Little did we know then, that we were picking up a new card game (Texas Hold ‘Em), a new cuisine (Tex-Mex), a whole slew of politicians (Lyndon B. Johnson, Rick Perry, et al), a place we’d be told to remember (we forget now, what was that place?) and a control center for space flight.

Not to mention, a little town called Dallas, from whence Entrust gained many of its esteemed founders, board members, facilitators and champions. (Oh, and we have Entrust folks in Houston and Austin, too!)

Today, we scoot our boots and salute … Texas!

Don’t mess with ‘em

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