Happy Singles Awareness Day

2016 02 15 - EsterNo, not SAD. Just a moment to be aware of people who likely are not gazing at fresh roses today, not testing the centers of the chocolates in a heart-shaped box, after yesterday’s romance-oriented celebration.

Entrust’s Ester Krišková is a beautiful example of a single person using her stage of life for God’s glory. Her precious husband, Tomáš, died of cancer in 2014. Ester grieves, naturally. And she carries on the ministries she and Tomáš shared during their shared life in the pastorate in Slovakia.

Ester provides pre-marital, family and marriage counseling; helped establish a marriage ministry at her church; assists in organizing an annual national women’s conference; speaks at conferences; has a radio ministry; serves at youth camps; works with children; leads Bible studies.

If you’re alone today, take a page from Ester’s playbook. Press on, doing what you know is right. Life can be full and rich. And guess what. There is still chocolate to be had.

Happy Singles Awareness Day

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