King Kong

“King Kong” debuted on March 2, 1933. The movie wowed audiences with its ground-breaking special effects and capitalized on the human fascination with monsters, leading to a parade of aliens, zombies, gremlins, dinosaurs, sharks and, of course, Godzilla, across movie screens for decades to come.

2016 03 02 - king kong

It’s usually clear in movies who the “bad guy” is. But not always. Sometimes, a character seems evil but ends up being good. Or vice versa, the classic “villain in disguise.” Even in “King Kong,” as destructive as Kong’s rampage was, his motives weren’t necessarily evil. He’d been captured and dragged to New York by enterprising movie producers who wanted to exploit him. Kong just wanted to go home. Maybe the movie producers were the bad guys.

Not all bad guys are obvious. You have to look beneath the surface, discover motives and root causes. Evil sometimes hides behinds a cloak of light. “Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light,” according to 2 Cor. 11:4.

King Kong

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