What’s your learning style?

2016 03 07 - learning styles

We all have learning preferences. Some common learning styles include visual, auditory learners and tactile/kinesthetic. Some of us are internal processors (we learn by thinking things through), others external processors (we develop understanding by talking things out).

All of these are discussed and incorporated in Entrust’s training module, Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL). FRL participants learn to accommodate all learning styles in small group settings. Especially for those tactile/kinesthetic learners, facilitators provide hands-on learning activities, and, quite often, a variety of items to simply hold or work on with their hands during meeting times.

A recent women’s ministry training module in Latvia must have had a few energetic tactile learners, as evidenced by this poor little squishy-bear. His loss of shape likely means at least one Latvian lady’s gain in understanding.

Learn more about learning styles and facilitating adult learning with sensitivity, by taking an FRL module this year. Learn more about training opportunities.

What’s your learning style?

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