MOZAMBIQUE: an Entrust travelogue

Entrust’s African ministry partner, More than a Mile Deep (MMD), is impacting churches and communities across sub-Saharan Africa, through its African-written, African-directed training program. Mozambique is home to MMD-Mozambique Country Coach Dr. Andre Chitlango.

2016 03 09 - MozambiqueCAPITAL: Maputo

PHYSICAL BEAUTY: The Indian Ocean laps at this country’s 1,500-mile coastline and chain of islands. White sand beaches, clear blue water and magnificent reefs make Mozambique’s coast a little-known travelers’ paradise. The Zambezi River flows across the country to the ocean. National games reserves and a rainforest are inland highlights.

CUISINE: peri-peri (or piri-piri) prawns, maize porridge, matata (seafood and peanut stew), sandes de queijo (baked cheese sandwich).

ECONOMY: Mozambique is among the world’s poorest countries. Freedom from Portuguese rule in 1975 was followed by years of internal strife, from which the country has yet to fully recover. Over half the population lives in poverty; just over half (51%) are literate. Life expectancy is only about 55 years, primarily due to HIV/AIDs, waterborne disease and tuberculosis.

SPIRITUAL CLIMATE: Despite established churches and vibrant groups of Christians, Mozambique is still home to one of the largest concentrations of unreached people groups in southern Africa, according to “Operation World.” Extremely difficult living conditions and fragile relationships between churches and communities contribute to the struggle Christians face in reaching their nation for Christ.

PRAY FOR: the staff of MMD, an excellent re-launch of MMD ministries in this country, peace between political factions, churches to unite in the name of Christ to share the gospel with their communities in truth and in practice.

MOZAMBIQUE: an Entrust travelogue

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