This season, while tall lanky men and women battle it out on basketball courts, let’s take just a moment. Step back from it all—from the brackets, from the seasonally-themed sales events, from the endorsements, from the hype.
2016 03 16 - basketball 1
Do you remember who won last year? How about who made it to the quarter-finals? OK, we see those hands. Both of them. The rest of us … long-forgotten memories.

Life is more than sports. (Gasp!) Human value is not determined by points scored. (Shock!)

We can enjoy a good game or two (or six or seven). We can talk about great plays or questionable calls the next day at work. But, of far greater long-term value might be getting outside and shooting a few hoops with our own kids, the neighbor kids, grandkids. Or heading over to the nursing home, the county jail, the homeless shelter, to watch a game with someone who’s lonely or engage in a lively checker match with someone who needs a friend.

Fill in your bracket this year with meaningful time with people. We guarantee, you’ll remember every level of that bracket. So will they!



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