Cultural adjustment

Cultural adjustment is never-ending! In Thailand, Entrust’s Al and Mary Ginter are learning local beliefs about … color!

2016 03 29 ATMs

“A color is assigned to each day of the week,” Mary writes. “Yellow for Monday, pink for Tuesday, green for Wednesday, orange for Thursday, blue for Friday, purple for Saturday and red for Sunday. [People] wear yellow on Monday to celebrate the king’s birthday and blue on Friday to celebrate the queen’s birthday; according to the day on which the respective monarch was born.

“Everyone knows the day of the week they were born. They believe wearing the right color on the right day brings luck. Most people don’t really seem to follow this anymore, but some may carry a small piece of clothing, like a tie or handkerchief, in the ‘correct’ color. It is more common that people consider the color of the day of their birth as their ‘lucky color.’”

Cultural adjustment

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