Happy World Migratory Bird Day!

2016 05 09 - birds migrating

Okay, so maybe you didn’t have that one marked in your calendar. But it is an interesting phenomenon when you think about it. How these birds know when and where to migrate is still in many ways a mystery to scientists.

We might think our feathered friends head south to avoid having to buy little sweaters, but in general, it seems the two main reasons for migration are to obtain fresh food when and where supplies are plentiful with the changing seasons, and to head to seasonal breeding areas.

What’s interesting is that “home” is transitional. The nest used the previous year will likely be long gone and a bird would have to start all over with building and nesting. That’s not something we humans are used to. It’s easy for us to become complacent and settled – nested – on life’s journey. It’s easy to want to stay where things are comfortable and the status quo doesn’t change.

Yet we’d do well to take a lesson from migratory birds, recognizing, as the writer of Hebrews says, “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” (Heb. 13:14)

Taking our cue from migratory birds, how can we live productively in the “now” and yet expectantly for our future home? Talk among yourselves…

Happy World Migratory Bird Day!

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