Care to guess

Two restrooms in Europe. One free, one you have to pay to use. Care to guess which is which?

2016 05 19 - restrooms

Yep, the – shall we say – less-than-5-star facility is pay-per-use. The ultra-shiny one, absolutely free. Far different settings, meant to meet the same basic need.

We have to adapt when we travel. Cultures, people groups, expectations, norms, constantly change as you move from place to place in this world, sometimes even a few kilometers from one place to another.

That’s why Entrust’s work looks vastly different in, say, South Africa, than it does in Hungary (home of one of the two restrooms in question). Multiplying (vastly different) leaders for (vastly different) multiplying churches. We adapt as we go, with the basics always staying the same.

Care to guess

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