Moscow has become easier

Moscow has become an easier place to live and a harder place to minister. So says Entrust’s Ronnie Stevens. Ronnie and his wife Jane recently moved back to Moscow to serve at Moscow Bible Church, which they helped start in 1992.

2016 05 25 - moscow

In years past, Ronnie says, Moscow was a pockmarked moonscape made hideous by the culture-destroying Marxist ideology. Now, patches of loveliness adorn the city. Before, there was little to choose from between a world-class, unaffordable buffet at the Metropole Hotel and McDonald’s. Now the cafés are too appealing and they are everywhere. Easier life, harder ministry.

Moscow Bible Church meets Sunday afternoons at Saint Peter and Paul, a Lutheran cathedral. A clock atop the old KGB headquarters was stolen from Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral in 1935. The pastor and five church leaders were murdered by Stalin’s regime. “It’s a solemn and humbling thing to be allowed to worship on such a site,” Ronnie says. Solemn, and yet, happy, as he helps train a new generation of Russian Bible expositors.

Moscow has become easier

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