Training in Brazil

“Eleven women traveled from all over Brazil and a few came from Ecuador. They were all so thankful for the training and I can honestly say that there were a couple of women that even looked different by the end!! Their whole countenance had been transformed by the week of receiving encouragement and affirmation from other like-minded women, and feeling confident about using what they had been taught and modeled.”

2016 05 30 - Brazil

So reported one of the Developing a Discerning Heart facilitators at the Equipping Women International (Entrust partner) session in Brazil last month. This sentiment is confirmed by these women’s own words:

“I don’t feel so afraid or inadequate to facilitate Bible study. I feel like I can use these skills anywhere I go and I’m excited to put them to use.”

“…a tremendous help (to me) in helping others to sort out and work constructively on their issues.”

“…importance of helping others find answers through good questions, Holy Spirit, and God’s word.”

Training in Brazil

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