Strengthening families in the former Soviet Union

Marriages frequently crumble early — over 10% of all divorces occur the first year and over 40% during the first five. Husbands, tragically, are expected to be unfaithful to their wives in order to meet their “biological needs.” Many children grow up in single-parent homes.

2016 06 07 Spotlight

“It’s a show-off country. People look put together on the outside. But they’re broken on the inside,” according to an Entrust staff member*. Sound familiar? All this may be true where you live, but in this case it’s a country of the former Soviet Union.

Fortunately, the government is looking for ways to strengthen the family. As it does so, interestingly, “Christians are often the ones with answers to family problems.” Thus, an Entrust staff couple, along with national Christian colleagues, offer family-strengthening seminars, counseling and small group Bible studies focused on marriage and parenting.

The Entrust couple emphasizes, among other things, what boys and girls need from a father. Boys need male role models. Girls need to feel beautiful and to learn to have a relationship with a man that isn’t sexual.

Strong marriages and healthy families with integrated fathers. It’s biblical and it’s the goal of our Entrust staff couple here. Happily, these are also the goals of the nation’s government!.

*Names and specific locations are not included for security reasons.

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Strengthening families in the former Soviet Union

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