Raising kids inter-culturally

When parents of two cultural backgrounds raise children together, unique challenges arise. Entrust is blessed by several such inter-cultural families. We picked their brains for advice, tips and fun stories to include in our upcoming online magazine, “Engage,” which is all about families. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in “Engage” next week (watch our Facebook page for the link).

Monty (American) and Ibolya (Hungarian) Taylor

We communicated with our children – Mark, Jennifer and Esther — in a unique way. Ibolya spoke only Hungarian and I only English with them, providing the children with, literally, a “mother tongue” and a “father tongue.”

2016 06 13 TaylorsIt worked well. By the time our kids were five years old, at the supper table, if they were talking to their mom, they’d speak Hungarian. If they were talking to me, they’d speak English.

My relationship with Ibolya began and deepened primarily in Hungarian. Our kids, on the other hand, are truly bi-cultural and bi-lingual.

All three teach and/or study in Hungary, two in bi-lingual schools. And, like father like son – Mark’s wife, Eszter is Hungarian.

Raising kids inter-culturally

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