Pastors in Hungary

Pastors in Hungary are often over-worked and under-staffed. Many lack opportunities to be fed spiritually. Entrust’s annual pastors’ camp is designed to help train pastors in important ministry skills while encouraging them spiritually. An important aspect of our camp – one which is unique in Hungary – is that the pastors receive this encouragement in a context which includes their families. Spouses are included in everything offered at camp and there is a full program for children of all ages.

This camp allows evangelical pastors to enjoy a rare time of shared community — laughing, swimming, studying God’s word and discussing some of the mutual challenges they face in ministry. The men learn from each other, which often proves to be one of the most valuable elements of the week. They build relationships which last beyond the bounds of summer.

2016 06 22 - pastor camp

Camp is set for Aug. 8-13. Entrust staff Mark Van Bebber and Monty Taylor will serve as hosts and conduct the evening sessions. New Entrust staff member Jim Roché will be the special guest teacher.


Pastors in Hungary

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