“Imagine that you, as an archaeology student, travel to the site of an ancient city. Your assignment is to find artifacts that would reveal the history of the city and its people. Would you know what to look for? You might look for weeks and find very little. If, however, an archaeologist showed you what to look for, you probably would have much greater success.

2016 07 26 - dig

“The same is true about Bible study. You might spend a lot of time looking around in the Bible and yet get very little out of it. Do you know what to look for?”*

Let Entrust’s in-depth training module, Discovery Bible Study (DBS), help you. Sharpen your Bible excavation tools with us. Learn to dig deep on your own and how God uses others in your discovery process. Consider attending an Entrust training intensive overseas (Latvia, Thailand, Switzerland anybody?) or in the U.S. New training dates coming soon. Learn more now at and feel free to pass it on to international friends who may be interested.

*excerpt from Discovery Bible Study, ©1997, Entrust.


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