Think about change

Who knew it was such a big deal to change the side of the road a country drives on?

Think about a change you’ve tried to make in your own life. It DOES take more than just changing that one thing, doesn’t it? Schedules, attitudes, habits, other people’s lives … so much has to shift, be rearranged, at least be informed, in order for the initial desired change to happen.

So when we go on to talk about transformation, wow, we’re talking about seismic change, everywhere, touching everything. Entrust desires to see movements of biblical transformation sweep through cultures worldwide. No way can we make those happen. That’s a God-sized desire. Pray with us and if God leads you, join us. We can all do our parts, changing a road sign here, coaching a driver there. Let this video inspire you.

2016 08 15 - change

Think about change

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