ROMANIA: an Entrust travelogue

One of Entrust’s first countries of concentrated ministry. No Entrust staff live in Romania now that national church-based ministry leadership training is led by Romanians under the auspices of EBE-Romania (launched by first- and second-generation Entrust students).

CAPITAL: Bucharest

FAMOUS PEOPLE: Nadia Comaneci (first gymnast to score a perfect 10), Nicolae Paulescu (discovered insulin), Petrache Poenaru (invented the fountain pen).

NATURAL BEAUTY: Carpathian Mountains, Danube River, Black Sea. The Danube Delta, where the river flows into the Black Sea, is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list as the best preserved delta in Europe, home to hundreds of animal and plant species.

FASCINATING FACTS: Bran Castle, perched high above the town of Brasov in the region of Transylvania, is associated with the fictional character Dracula; Timisoara was the first city on the European continent to install electric street lights, in 1884; the Romanian deadlift is a specific exercise movement named for Olympic weightlifter Nicu Vlad.

2016 08 23 - Bran Castle

CUISINE: stuffed cabbage rolls, wide variety of sausages, “ciorba” (sour soup), “mamaliga” (corn meal side dish), “gogosi” (donuts).

SPIRITUAL CLIMATE: nearly 97% Christian (primarily Eastern Orthodox), about 5% evangelical; Romani (gypsies) are a large minority, proportionately more evangelical than Romanians. Spiritual fervor, once common in the evangelical church, has waned since the 90s.

PRAY FOR: EBE-Romania and its co-directors, Mircea Detesan and Mitras Dudasi (Mitras assumes sole leadership later this year); for Romanian pastors and church leaders to continue to equip and train new generations of leaders in local churches; for the well-developed women’s ministry training program to continue to disciple and mentor women who will in turn disciple others; for revival among evangelicals.

ROMANIA: an Entrust travelogue

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