Deer metaphors

In June, a mama deer plopped down in the shade outside our Colorado Springs offices. She stayed all day, barely moving, even as we clustered around the windows, raised the blinds, took her picture. She left once, to grab some lunch from a grove of trees across the parking lot.

2016 08 25 - deer
The next morning, we discovered two fawns – one not living, one very much alive, asleep in tall grass next to a sheltering rock. As we looked on from inside our conference room, Mama showed up. She licked the little guy, nudged him to his feet, waited patiently while he faltered and stumbled a few times, then walked away with him trotting behind.

Immediately the metaphors started to fly. “Entrust is all about multiplication. Now multiplication is even happening outside our windows.” Ha ha. “We aim for multiplication, second- and third-generation groups. Here’s a second generation for you!” Ha ha.

Actually, the best metaphor is what is happening now. Mama deer is working with her fawn, patiently spending time with him, modeling healthy behavior, showing him how to feed himself, stay safe, grow, and one day, reproduce. Some of his efforts, like hers, may not live. Others will. And then he’ll start the process all over again.

It’s II Tim. 2:2, in action – deer-style.

Deer metaphors

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