Walking alongside refugees

by Fuad N.

SL-2016 09

Two million refugees have come to our area. Over the past year, we’ve distributed 1,000 swamp coolers, 1,900 propane bottles and wheelchairs. We conducted a medical clinic. We’ve met with, fed and prayed with many peshmerga who fight on the front lines for our country. Our church offered the gift of a Bible to anyone who wanted one.

A refugee crisis means disruption in school. We help support – with equipment and supplies – seven schools educating approximately 4,000 students.

We have built a small community center. We purchased 15 sewing machines to teach local women to sew, and we plan to start classes to teach men to be electricians and plumbers. Our vision is for this to be a house of hope, where people gain marketable skills and hope in all areas of life.

Our Family Camp focused on serving those who serve refugees. Many of these workers are displaced themselves, but they have a passion to share hope with those who’ve lost everything. At camp, they exchanged stories and encouraged each other. What a delight to see so many different types of people spending time together in unity.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the needs of so many. But we have encouragement from our Lord that his heart is near to the brokenhearted. “For it is He who executes justice for the oppressed: who gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets the prisoners free.” (Psalm 146:7) Christ taught us in Matthew 25, “Whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

Thank you for your partnership through prayer and finances, as we serve those in need. – Fuad

Walking alongside refugees

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