JOY (Just Older Youth)

Encore. Prime Timers. Golden Heirs. JOY (Just Older Youth).

By whatever clever name, they’re that group at your church always going on bus trips, having hymn sings, touring gardening centers, making baby blankets. Those folks somewhere north of age 55, a few still running marathons, others scaling back to 5Ks; a few sporting blonde, brown, black or red hair, others embracing the gray. And let’s admit it … you might be in the group. A lot of us Facebookers are of that ilk.

As baby boomers, we of course enjoy each other’s company. But let’s not forsake younger generations. They need us. They love authenticity. They long for mentors. They want stability. We who’ve lived a little longer, been down a few more roads, wrestled with and submitted to the claims of Christ, have much to share.

2016 09 15 - generation

JOY (Just Older Youth)

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