Repent! Relent! Commence!

2016-09-27-old-newHey church, don’t just lament. Repent! Relent! Commence!

If you find yourself lamenting low numbers at worship services, decreased interest in the local church, snide remarks about Christians, it may be time to take stock and change course.

Repent. Ask God to show you personally and as a fellowship where you might be stuck in ruts of sin.

Relent. Agree with the Lord to follow where he leads. Be ready to step out of comfort zones.

Commence. Get up and get going. You needn’t change the message (the gospel) or the motive (God’s glory) but maybe the method. Keep I Cor. 9:19-23 in mind. God might have huge things right around the corner.

Repent! Relent! Commence!

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