Starting life anew in Slovakia

Dustin and Miriam Combs are from the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Dustin served in many roles over 13 years at their home church, most recently as assistant pastor in hospitality and student ministries. Miriam taught elementary school in Phoenix for seven years. Having served short-term seven summers in the Czech Republic with Josiah Venture and later in Slovakia with another youth ministry, they learned of Entrust through staff members Mark and Beth Van Bebber.

Dustin, Miriam and son Theo arrived in Banská Bystrice, Slovakia, in September. Their immediate goals include, “solidify our place of residence, set up class times at the language school, establish day care for Theo while we go to class, switch to local cell phone service and internet for our flat, buy things we need for daily living, open a local bank account and familiarize ourselves with Entrust training materials. Once this is done, the major focus will be on language learning.” In addition, Dustin says, “I (or we) will shadow staff member Rob Shaffer as he meets with leaders and pastors in Slovakia, and join occasional youth camps. We plan to use this time to build relationships and see Entrust trainings and groups in practice.”

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Starting life anew in Slovakia

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