Are you ready to hear it?

In 1883, a volcano erupted on the island of Krakatoa causing what may have been the loudest sound ever generated on earth. (And you thought that award went to your spouse’s snoring, your neighbor’s Harley, your kids’ music, or … you-fill-in-the-blank.)

In sound terms, our pain threshold is 130 decibels. A jet engine at close proximity registers about 150. The 1883 Krakatoa volcano is estimated at 170 decibels. It shattered sailors’ ear drums 40 miles away; their ship captain wrote in his journal, “I am convinced that the day of judgment has come.” The disruption to the earth’s air pressure circled the globe three or four times in each direction. It caused fatal tsunamis.

Consider. God’s voice, and the voices praising him, sounds like “the sound of many waters,” as described three times in the book of Revelation. Powerful. Not painful, but undeniable. Are you ready to hear it?

eruption of Anak Krakatau-

Are you ready to hear it?

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