International day of prayer

2016-11-06-day-of-prayerEntrust works with men and women who follow and serve Jesus at great personal risk. Consider this young woman, who is routinely questioned and harassed by the authorities and who undauntedly continues to entrust biblical truth into the lives of faithful women.

[Portions of this letter have been slightly altered to conceal the writer’s identity.]

“Hello. Thank you for your prayers.

“Today I went to a government office. One person questioned me and another was observing me from behind, near the door. For being Christian or keeping literature they can just fine you, but for being a part of religious organization they can put you to prison. They asked me to sign a paper but I ignored it, so they said they will call me again next week.

“When going there, I asked Father for peace and boldness. Peace was in my heart and I answered not worrying. Please keep praying.

“P.S. I started a ladies’ meeting. We are going to study Walking with Christ [an Entrust course on the basics of Christianity].”

This weekend, pray for the persecuted church.

International day of prayer

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