People in ministry

Pity the pastor who can never drive the right car. It’s true. A pastor in the Midwest once commented (without whining, just stating a fact) that throughout his years in ministry, he’d never driven the right car nor worn the right suit. Whatever he chose in both cases proved to be too nice and expensive for some in his congregation, too shabby and outdated for others.

Sad but true. We tend to think one of two ways about people in ministry. Either a) they should not drive nice cars, wear nice clothes, take vacations, get massages, attend concerts or sports events or b) should not appear so frumpy / dumpy / Spartan / impoverished. If anything, most of us probably lean more toward “a” in our judgments.

Let’s stop. People in ministry are people, too! Don’t begrudge them the same amenities you enjoy. In fact, maybe even consider sending an extra gift to them this time of year, so they can enjoy a special amenity. It’s a nice way to not “muzzle the ox” while he is threshing. (I Cor. 9:9, I Tim. 5:18)


People in ministry

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