The Burden of Blessing

“The girl’s not herself,” Dad said.
“Is it the flu that’s making her sick all the time?”
“I don’t know,” said Mom, “but she’s still putting on weight.
I’ve been trying to get her to the doctor.”

“Is something wrong, Mary?” her fiancé asked.
“Oh, Joseph! You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.”
And he didn’t –
later when her secret was discovered
and she tried to explain …
neither did the doctor,
or her parents,
or her friends.

The most blessed of all women
was the loneliest person on earth.
Is there not often a burden that comes with a blessing?
And with great blessing
a great burden?

Sometimes the people you love most
cannot, will not

It took an angel to persuade Joseph.

Did Mary’s parents ever believe her story?
… leaving her little choice but to accompany Joseph
on that painful journey to Bethlehem?

Perhaps, you have friends or family
unable to understand
who do not accept and will not share
the awe, the sense of wonder you feel
at the blessing you have been given
by this same Christ child
making your own journey a painful one.

Embrace God’s blessing, in all its wonder, like Mary,
and trust his grace to help you with the burden
to guide you each step of the way.

© David G. Goodman

The Burden of Blessing

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