Good examples

2016-12-08-video-games“I just want to play video games.” How many times have you heard this? Or, be honest, how many times have you said it?

A huge number of people in the western world spend far too many hours sitting in front of screens, engaging in virtual fighting, war, chases or matching up pieces of animated candy. Relaxing? Maybe. Good for you? Overall, probably not so much. Evidence of being stuck in adolescence? Quite possibly.

Older generations complain that millennials are lazy. But, conversely, how often do millennials see their elders indulging in the same non-productive activities?

In other words, maybe all of us need to grow up. Let’s determine to set good examples for each other in the coming year. Boomers and GenXers, encourage your millennials to get out of the basement and talk. Millennials, drag those older folks out of their easy chairs and into the real world. You never know. It could be refreshing!

Good examples

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