Happy Boxing Day

No one in the U.S. knows exactly know what that means. Maybe it’s a day to:

• wear the new shorts you got for Christmas.
• hit the gym after all the ginger snaps and egg nog.
• duke it out with your little brother.
• parade your medium-sized, short-haired dog in festive holiday wear.
• have your ears roughed up by grandma because you’ve been naughty.
• write a letter to the junior senator from California.
• take out your recycling.

Or not. Ask a Canadian. Or a Brit. Or an Australian. Then, whether you choose to “box” or not, hang on to the reason for the season. That’s Jesus. Who can’t be put into a box. But who is alive, and loves you, and is bigger and better than any gift you’ll ever find in any box.

Happy Boxing Day

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