Please pray

ANC-02 Prayer bridgePlease pray for:

Global Mentorship Network and its directors, Dr. Emmanuel and Leticia Bellon, as they mentor young professionals in leadership. Entrust and the GM Network share a new and growing partnership. Learn more at

Feb. 6-9: ask God to guide and be glorified in the annual financial audit underway this week, and to especially undergird Finance Director Lynn Eber and Office Manager Nancy Lindgren in the process

Feb. 17: pray for Entrust’s home office staff as they seek the Lord together during a one-day retreat

Feb. 17-19: intercede on behalf of all Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT) participants and facilitators during a weekend intensive in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Feb. 20-23: lift up Entrust’s Carol C. and Mark Gibson as they represent Entrust at Grace University in Omaha and Multnomah University in Portland, respectively, and visit with potential new staff members

Feb. 20-25: pray for women at this weeks’ WWMT facilitators’ retreat in Colorado Springs to grow closer to the Lord and each other, be encouraged and re-envisioned in the Lord

To download and print the Prayer Bridge.

Please pray

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