Don’t accept pat answers

Are you a millennial who is sick of churches trying to attract you with rock bands and coffee bars, tattooed pastors and greeters with nose rings? Had enough of church people who seem to want to impress you with how hip and cool they are? Tired of a watered-down, soft-sell gospel?

If so, you as a millennial might need to take some steps to show those people what you really want and need. Seek out churches where people teach and trust and follow the Bible. (By the way, not all churches with rock bands and tattooed pastors are watered down and soft-sell. But you’ll have to dive in to find out.) Get into conversations with people in those churches about what is important to you – doctrine, scripture, truth. Demonstrate your seriousness about spiritual reality by getting involved in a prayer ministry or a Bible study. Ask hard questions. Don’t accept pat answers. Show the church you are grown up. You might be doing everyone a favor!

Unposed group of creative business entrepreneurs in an open concept office brainstorming together on a digital tablet.

Don’t accept pat answers

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