Life can seem common

2017 04 28 Carolina ParakeetWhen’s the last time you saw a chestnut tree? Or a brilliantly-colored Carolina parakeet? When did you last hear a cheer for the Brooklyn Dodgers? Many things, many species, have gone extinct in North America. OK, maybe the Dodgers aren’t exactly extinct. They just migrated to Los Angeles in the 1950s, about the same time American chestnuts dwindled down to shrub size. The last known Carolina parakeet died in a zoo in 1918.

Point is, aspects of life can seem common and established and as though they’ll be around forever, until, they’re not.

What’s next? No doubt about it, some things we think will never disappear, will disappear. What are you putting your trust in? What’s giving you a sense of security? Might not hurt to take a good hard look at this. Be sure to build deep into what will truly last.

Life can seem common

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