Drinking out of a fire hose

“It was like drinking out of a fire hose.” You’ve heard the phrase – describing an attempt to absorb at least a few ideas out of overwhelming amounts of information at a conference or seminar. Now, what if the hose extends not from a fire hydrant but a volcano, and its output isn’t water, but burning lava! In literal terms, this is happening, in Hawaii (check out this amazing video!)

Figuratively, it’s one way to envision some of Entrust’s ministry training. Our intensive training modules provide a steady stream of truths, methodologies, discussion and interaction. The content is red hot; current, relevant and straight from the Bible. But, unlike trying to sip out of a fire hose, Entrust trainings help you absorb the content as it comes. Built-in hands-on application, time for practice, reflection and evaluation might be likened to providing you with giant buckets and sponges, enabling you to retain and take it all home with you.

2017 05 04 - fire hose

Drinking out of a fire hose

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