Worth it all

“The Lord may have used John Piper’s passionate sermons to get us to the field, but we have found that any … zeal is often sapped by one round of malaria. We have learned that [cross-cultural ministry] is … years of doing things that do not necessarily feel spiritual (like memorizing all the words for their different kinds of ants…), praying that, one day, the name of Christ will be exalted here. We are convinced that [ministry overseas] is 98% raw endurance and 2% zeal.”

Stacey Hare’s description of ministry is spot on! She writes eloquently and honestly in her blog, Hare Translation Journey (http://haretranslation.blogspot.ca/2017/02/then-and-now-how-our-perspectives-have.html), about her family’s experiences in Bible translation in Africa. All who serve with Entrust, especially those who are or have been overseas, would agree with her. Life in a new culture, in ministry, is hard. But training and equipping Christians for service in Jesus’ church – worth it all. Romans 15:17!

2017 05 16 - Mark VB
Worth it all

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