Called to serve

During the Cold War, Entrust focused on Christians behind the Iron Curtain, quietly training them for ministry, veiling their countries and identities in communications with the West. That era is past, yet its impact continues.

We heard that impact in the prayers of a Bulgarian pastor at our recent All-Staff Conference in Greece. Delcho and Nikolina Atanasov are products of Entrust’s ministry training and now shepherd several churches in Bulgaria, including one serving Roma (Gypsies).

“Mili Bozhe,” Pastor Delcho began in prayer. He continued to beseech God in Bulgarian (which, thankfully, God understands!), praying for people Entrust is training in currently restricted-access countries. Delcho’s country is now free; Delcho ministers without restriction and can pray for those who do not enjoy that freedom.

God has called Entrust to serve church leaders who enjoy freedom and those who do not. Praise God for all of them – for Delcho and the many like him that we can tell you about, and for those we’re training who we cannot name.

2017 06 08 - Delcho

Called to serve

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