Bonding in Switzerland

Bonding through quilts and frogs … in Switzerland.

2017 06 13 - frog crossing

We always enjoy a day off during our intensive Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT) trainings in Switzerland. This year the participants and facilitators spent a lovely spring day in Basel. One of the participants in Discovery Bible Study (DBS), Ann, is a quilter and wanted to find a quilt shop in a suburb. I decided to go with her even though I am not a quilter.

Ann is an introvert and was ready to explore Basel and the quilt shop on her own. All she felt she needed was a map and her sense of adventure. However, she was willing to have someone join her on this expedition. I tend to be more task-oriented and often forget to make room for the Holy Spirit, so I wouldn’t normally have seen a reason to go with Ann. But, I’m glad I went.

God used that day of walking, talking, eating lunch in a beautiful quiet park, discovering a sign we could not begin to understand (Frog Crossing?) and just spending time together, to help us get to know each other better. God stretched Ann out of her normal mode of aloneness and reminded me of the importance of listening to the Lord.
–Trish Barrett, WWMT facilitator

Bonding in Switzerland

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